My cute wee ennui

Yeah…I’ve got my brain full of ick…and I just can’t shake it today. I’m not feelin’ up to snuff. I’ve got crap on my brain…like my idiotic country and allowing people to vote have trouble figuring out ketchup bottles. I’m feelin’ seriously bummed out. I’ve got some sort of ennui/angsty/yeasty thing happening. I wish I … Continue reading

When you don’t really matter all that much

Oh…that’s a perky title.  Nice.  What, you gonna’ jump off the San Francisco bridge or something? No…I’m really talking about something less drastic that suicide. I’m really talking about what matters in our glorious US culture…mattering in the culture, of course. Wait…hear me out on this one.  What I’m saying is that I don’t matter, … Continue reading

And now we’re all fans…

Hooray!  The USA is playing footie today! Oh…don’t get me WRONG (Bill Hicks pause)…I’m all for it! But this little ballet happens every four years. Really?  Really?  You like Soccer now? USA!!!  USA!!!  USA!!! And don’t get me started on the word Soccer – it’s a stupid sounding word. Yeah…I can call myself a snob … Continue reading

Get off the clock

That American past-time I despise I’m at home tonight and being routinely insulted by the idiot box. It’s pissing me off. I’m trying to semi-watch a show and write this missive and I am being reminded again and again why I cannot stand TV. Yeah…the programming is super dumb and I don’t know if I … Continue reading