You didn’t learn squat…

This blog has a point…

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We’re terrible learners.  We’re horrible at it.  We don’t learn a darn thing from the past…especially when we elect our “leaders”.

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But I said that this blog has a point…so check this out.  Have you seen this guy lately?

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Iron Fist.  He’s on Netflix a lot lately.  Ok…well not this guy…how about this guy…

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Goddamn…this freaking GUY!!!  He kills me.

Confession: I binge watched this show this past weekend.  I watched all 13 episodes.  I forsook exercise, the outdoors, fun with the dog…etc.  I hate binge watching…the term makes me ill…but I did it.  Cause’ I really enjoy comics and I enjoyed the Iron Fist comics as a kid…so I’m pretty geeked about the show!

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I got my fanboy on and I’m ready to watch…so I do!  And I’m enjoying the multiple story lines, the characters, the FX and the like!  But here’s where things go weird.

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I watch the main character (as written by the story writers for Netflix) and he goes charging into the first fight like a bull!  And Iron Fist will say “I can’t lose…I’m the Iron Fist!”

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So he goes charging in and, yeah, he wins…but he also gets the shit kicked out of him…and he probably hurts someone else along the way.  But he wins…sort of.

And then the next fight occurs and he goes CHARGING IN AGAIN!!!


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And the same thing happens…he mostly wins…and t-h-e-n…he gets the shit kicked out of himself and he gets all his friends hurt and blah, blah, blah.

He does this again and again…he charges in but he NEVER LEARNS!!!  Where’s the freakin’ character growth?!?!?

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So the writers kind of did a bit of an oddity here by writing a character in who DOESN’T LEARN A FREAKIN’ THING!  He makes the same mistakes over and over…there’s no character growth.  Now unless this is the L-O-N-G con by the writers…I think they forgot to write learning into the character’s makeup.

So…you get where I’m going with this yet?  ‘Cause I think the writers are FREAKIN’ BRILLIANT!!!

I’ll give up my position now…who do YOU THINK never learns a goddamn thing on a daily basis?


I’m not going to go on a rant about the current occupant.  Others do that better and more eloquently than me.

However…I’m going to give mad props to the writers of Iron Fist who have taken the current occupant’s inability to learn from his mistakes and they have built that into a character who behaves in exactly the same way.

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Interestingly, the current occupant probably thinks that he has super powers too…the Iron Prick… but he cannot, will not, grow as a character, a person, a leader…whatever.

Did the writers of Netflix’s Iron Fist do this intentionally?  Who knows.  This is the stuff of PhD theses.

The moral?  I don’t have one…just stupid observations.  But if you can’t learn…you sure a shit can’t/won’t grow.

So, learn already.

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This is going to be a long four years…I hope Iron Fist gets better to distract me.

One Response to “You didn’t learn squat…”
  1. generationxishere says:

    I had the same complaint. I didn’t have the strength to hammer through like you did, though. They lost me at episode 3.

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