Shut your mouth and buy stuff

Your corporate overlords would like to thank you in advance for your participation…

Image result for shut your face

They want your cash and will have none of your lip.  Yeah, your lip, pal.

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The fact is that…well…you’re a cog in the wheel.  Just look white and pleasant and all will be fine, mmmkay?


Your corporate overlords demand your spending dollars now.

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Because this is why we’re here.  We are here to consume, eat, absorb content, eat more, purchase stuff (it doesn’t matter what stuff, really…just shut your face and go to Target) and now this has been expanded into talking about, discussing and posting what you just bought, ate, vacuum sealed, re-carpeted, trimmed, shined and photographed.

Image result for why are we here

Alright…you got me…


I’m messin’ with you.  I’m being facetious.

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But come on…how much more of this shit are we going to take?  Can our corporate overlords laugh any more at us?  Can they take us any more for granted?  Seriously.

What I want to do here is to create a counterculture.  And none of that Baby Boomer counterculture shit either.

Image result for counterculture

Screw that.  I’m takin’ the term back…

Image result for I'm taking it back

So here’s what I want to do…to all of the zero readers of my stupid blog thingee…I don’t want to participate in this culture any more.  I refuse.  I refuse to be complicit with the governing principle of my generation’s stake in our present culture.  I’m not going to purchase any more.  I’m going to save.  I’m going to create.  I will breathe.

Admittedly this sounds a bit “going off the grid”.

Image result for off the grid

But I’m not going off the grid.  That’s some stupid shit right there.  Have you seen some of these people?

Image result for off the grid


But I’m talking about a meaningful, direct and proper walk away from this society.  I’m talking about the US culture here…other cultures…you have to figure out this stuff for yourselves.

Image result for idiot puerto ricans

And while I’m at it…let’s just bomb all of Florida…they’re…well, they’re a mess.

Image result for florida is a shithole

Sorry…I lost my place.  Therefore…my fellow Americans…haven’t we had enough?  We keep perpetuating the same mistakes because we keep participating in the same cultural norms.  Let’s be done.

Don’t tune out…tune in to be sure.  Go to the library and read, take a walk, throw or kick a ball with the local group of kids/hooligans.  Make a cup of tea and watch the sun set.  And for fuck’s sake…get off Facebook.

Image result for stupid shit of facebook

Pay for the stuff that matters…your kids education, high-culture (sorry, PornHub), high-quality food, a good mechanic and a great plumber.  And that’s it!  No…I’m not being a snob.

Image result for not snobbish

Let’s put it this way…we’ve taken the low road lately…and what has it gotten us in return?


So, uh…yeah.



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