My cute wee ennui

Yeah…I’ve got my brain full of ick…and I just can’t shake it today. I’m not feelin’ up to snuff. I’ve got crap on my brain…like my idiotic country and allowing people to vote have trouble figuring out ketchup bottles. I’m feelin’ seriously bummed out. I’ve got some sort of ennui/angsty/yeasty thing happening. I wish I … Continue reading

You didn’t learn squat…

This blog has a point… We’re terrible learners.  We’re horrible at it.  We don’t learn a darn thing from the past…especially when we elect our “leaders”. But I said that this blog has a point…so check this out.  Have you seen this guy lately? Iron Fist.  He’s on Netflix a lot lately.  Ok…well not this … Continue reading

Shut your mouth and buy stuff

Your corporate overlords would like to thank you in advance for your participation… They want your cash and will have none of your lip.  Yeah, your lip, pal. The fact is that…well…you’re a cog in the wheel.  Just look white and pleasant and all will be fine, mmmkay? Your corporate overlords demand your spending dollars … Continue reading