When you don’t really matter all that much

Oh…that’s a perky title.  Nice.  What, you gonna’ jump off the San Francisco bridge or something?

No…I’m really talking about something less drastic that suicide.

I’m really talking about what matters in our glorious US culture…mattering in the culture, of course.

Wait…hear me out on this one.  What I’m saying is that I don’t matter, we don’t matter.  In the grand scheme of things I really don’t matter.  In fact, in the small scheme of things I don’t matter all that much.

I’m never going to have that much money.  I don’t drive a crazy, zowie car or motorcycle.  I’m not going to be in movies nor in politics.  In fact, I don’t want to be in any sort of public facing endeavor.

No…no I’m not done yet.  Yes…I do have this stupid blog thingee…but the whole blog thing is really more of an outlet…perhaps a journal of sorts with lots of stupid pictures and dirty words.

So I do this as an outlet…and if anyone reads this, well, they must be really, really bored.

But I digress…what I’m really talking about is that I don’t matter in our American culture.  Apparently our culture is being driven by the following groups in the following order:

  • Silent Generation – 1927-1945
    • They survived the great depression and a shitty war
  • Baby Boomers – 1946-1964
    • They run the current culture in terms of money
  • GenX – 1965-1980
    • My generation – one of the smaller generations
  • Millenials – 1981-2000
    • The Boomers reincarnated but with ennui and issues
  • GenZ – Post 2001
    • The don’t drive cars yet so we don’t care

But I’m putting out a bit of love for my GenXers.  You see…we don’t matter all that much.  We’re sandwiched between two monster generations who have size, money and clout.  GenX has none of that.

GenX, at this point, is at the dance…but we’re leaning against the wall, waiting our turn in the dark.  The rest of the groups are dancing under the lights…while we’re all sullen wallflowers.  In fact, much like the aforementioned Silent Generation…GenX is pretty darn silent too.  We wait for the moment to jump into a role of power but it appears but that role never seems to materialize – or we’re just too much of a bunch of pussies to push our way to the front and grab power.

I wish I had a list of GenX media types who might fit this mold but I don’t watch enough media to really consider one.  But let’s take a look at who’s in power and who wants power.

There’s President Obama


There’s Hillary


Laser eyeballs!!!

There’s Donald

Small pee-pee

So Barak (Boomer) has power and the two below him want power (both Boomers).  Before that it was George Bush, before him, Bubba, etc.  All Boomers.
Where I’m going with this is that, at this pace Generation X is going to screw themselves right out of any shot at power.  The most, MOST, we’ll ever have a shot at is sitting on the sidelines and complaining.
Ok…so who does GenX have?
  • Marissa Meyer – cool
  • Jay Z – fine
  • Darryl – works for me
  • Paul Ryan – damn…why him?
But we’re missing people with GRAVITAS.  I want a person who has the brass cojones not to be fucked with at any point.
But GenX doesn’t have that.  It’s really hard to have that when our general attitude is rather shitty.
So in the end…we don’t really matter all that much because we, GenX, cannot, nor cares not, to change the national dialogue.  We’re sick of it all, all the bickering, ignorance, foolishness and entire infantile mess.
But we don’t care any more.
We really are waiting to the proper moment to jump into the void, into the silence, into the pause before the punch so we can dispense with some much pent up wisdom and vinegar.
So I urge our so-called leaders to get their shit together.  I beg them to take things quite seriously.  Or GenX will silently and deftly remove you from your positions of power and start to be the real adults in the room…because it really doesn’t seem like anybody else in the country is doing so lately.
And you wanna’ know why…

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