And now we’re all fans…

Hooray!  The USA is playing footie today!


Oh…don’t get me WRONG (Bill Hicks pause)…I’m all for it!

But this little ballet happens every four years.

BandwagonReally?  Really?  You like Soccer now?

USA!!!  USA!!!  USA!!!

And don’t get me started on the word Soccer – it’s a stupid sounding word.


Yeah…I can call myself a snob on footie as I have been playing for a long, long time.  And I can also feel safe in saying that American Football (uh…ThrowEgg, anyone?) is a goofydumb sport.


But regarding the Wold Cup, I want the US to do well…I really do.


I’m actually serious.  I think the US will perform admirably today versus Belgium.  Even if our red uniforms do look like Popsicles.


But all these fans…ugh…all these fans.  Now they are a bunch of stinkin’ geniuses at footie.  They know everything!  And, yet, during the match, they ask “why can’t they use their hands?”


So I’m happy that you’re into the game…and supporting your team for the world’s most important sporting event.  Yeah, World Series fans…that means you too.


I would kindly ask that if you don’t know something, you ask!  A real footie fan would be happy to help you out and answer any question you have.  They would love to point out how cool the game is, its nuances, its history!  It’s an amazing sport with so much joy, pain and history in it.  The sport welcomes everybody.  Please join in the passion!!!


But as usual…I’m not going to hold my breath.  The USA public is fickle and shallow.  Because there’s one thing we love more than soccer, more than ThrowEgg, more than baseball…


If I knew what that was I’d tell you…but I’ve got to stare at this for a while…it’s fascinating!!!


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