Get off the clock

That American past-time I despise


I’m at home tonight and being routinely insulted by the idiot box.

It’s pissing me off.

I’m trying to semi-watch a show and write this missive and I am being reminded again and again why I cannot stand TV.

Yeah…the programming is super dumb and I don’t know if I should watch the re-run of Iron Man (the first) on AMC or TBS.  But what’s killing me is the clock.


If you notice the above thing (and if you’ve never been in radio or TV) it gives you an idea of how songs are mixed in with “product”.  By product I mean commercials.  And these commercials are mandated by these assholes:


Bosses…just assholes.

But please scroll back up to the clock.

Did you ever wonder why when you watch TV, listen to the radio or stuff like that…all the programming stops at the same time and goes to commercial (spots) and then comes back at the same time.

Oh…I know…you want to be clever!


But those asshole bosses have all thought to create the same clock for all media whereby you have programming on all channels at all the same time (why have a remote, right?) and then you have commercials at all the same time.


So that’s why you can’t use your remote to go to a different show unless you’re already in a show.  And that’s why commercials are always on at the same time.

So what sucks?

Those boss assholes have created some sort of group mind and suddenly all the programming clocks are the same.



So guess what…you’ve been pre-programmed.  You’ve been turned into a marketing sponge, beholden to corporate marketing without your knowledge nor consent.

You are TV’s bitch.  Radio’s bitch.  You are the receptacle into which the marketing departments of corporate America yawningly vomit.


So modern media has had some sort of gestalt.  Their group thought is now what, in some strange way, controls the bio-rhythm of your entertainment life.

You like the commercials?

  • Victoria’s Secret – pretty, skinny chicks who will always be younger and prettier than you?
  • Soup commercials – with soup apparently so good and decadent that you will orgasm upon first taste.
  • Laser Hair Removal – not just for hirsute women…but insecure men who can’t stand hairy forearms.
  • Reality Shows – insert your punchline here.

So there you go.  Your entertainment hours are now ruled by another entity and you never even knew it.


But what to do…what to do…what to do…


I’ll give you a hint…just a smidgen.



Don’t give in.  Don’t go for entertainment for entertainment’s sake.  Don’t sit there and drool.

Get up, away from the computer, from the TV.

Get up and go for a walk.  Go for a walk here!


And I’d like to evolve a quote here.  There was a quote from Timothy Leary:

Turn on, tune in, drop out.

But that was more druggy oriented than anything.  And I don’t have the time nor tenor for drug oriented stuff.  I’m too busy to be not seeing straight.

I am asking you to tune out (of our culture), tune in (to the things which give you pleasure) and drop in on life – without marketing madness clouding your vision of what’s good in life.


I dare you to be you without any external input.  I urge you…I beg you.  Be you and don’t let anybody tell you any different.

And if they try to…eff ’em!



One Response to “Get off the clock”
  1. generationxishere says:

    I can’t believe people still pay for TV when Netflix is practically free and completely devoid of commercials. You can fill an entire queue with excellent movies and TV shows from all over the world. Soooo much better than anything Comcast can spew out!

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