Grumble Grumble

I said MEH…and when I say MEH I really mean MEH!

I’m under done and over fed.

And that’s right…bitches…I said MEH!

Sure, I’m the typical pissed off white guy.  Rather over-educated and bitter at the world.  I see stupidity all around me.

Really…it’s all around us.  Have you seen this yet?

Please, take the 25 odd minutes, watch the video and feel superior.  And I could honestly say that if we carpet bomb the entire gathering the world IQ would increase by 30 some odd points.

I see stupid everywhere I look…and sometimes I even see it in the mirror:

But do you ever have the overriding feeling that the world would be better off without some people?  Groups, even.

Sure you do…you’re only human.  There are some people who piss you off and you wish you could think them out of existence.

Like that guy in the Star Trek TNG episode “Memory Alpha”.

The guy thought an entire race of people out of existence because he was some omnipotent being and…blah, blah, blah he blasted and entire species out of existence because they were pissing him off.  What a magnificent ability to have!

Oh sure…there are some groups who are easy to put on the list:

  • Somali pirates
  • Israelis and Palestinians
  • Beatniks and Ultra-Conservatives
  • Members of the Ice Capades

Yeah…I said it…the Ice Capades:

You know…a whole bunch of various group (or people) deserve to wiped from our collective conscious.

Oh sure…it is indeed a slippery slope.  Because some goof is going to get his or her nose totally bent out of shape because I have a totally rational view of the shortcomings of others.

“Who are YOU to judge?  Who are YOU to tell me what to do with MY life?”

And isn’t it always some white trash piece-of-shit who says that?  It’s the kind of person who appears on Jerry Springer or Tyra.

Yes…she’s not white.  I get that.

But this brings me around to my point for this week’s rant: Aren’t you sick of people and groups who crave attention?  Football players who preen, politicians who knowingly say stupid shit, people who are just happy to have their 15 minutes of fame because that’s all they’re ever going to get.

Really, these body mod guys aren’t doing this because it’s attractive or interesting.  They just want their picture on the interwebs.  Well congratulations to you…mission accomplished.  You look idiotic.

And this isn’t just going to stop one day.  China and India have just shy of THREE BILLION people who will want to follow American way of self-expression, deluded self-importance and easy access to uploads.  This shit is only going to get bigger and more annoying.

Therefore, I endorse another Star Trek idea:

In this episode there are two cultures at war and they have decided that killing each other with physical bombs stinks (and it makes a huge mess).  So they have a mathematical war in which they “bomb” each other and then the “casualties” have to go into this “Suicide Booth” to die.  I think we can do SO MUCH with this idea.  Anyone who has not read a book in a year…they’re IN!  Anyone who deems it more important to post a video to the internet as opposed to doing productive work…IN YOU GO!  Any politician who knowingly lies:

You get my point.

We don’t have harsh enough penalties for not living up to our potential.

Sure…we can look to the other side of the coin.  Look at the people who put the Curiosity Rover on Mars.  Those people should each get $1 million dollars because they did something amazing!

I would like to sum by saying humans generally stink on ice.  Individually we’re fine but once we start to combine into group larger than five our potential significantly sinks.

So call me a snob.  Call me a loser for having high expectations.  Yes…I’m that grumpy guy who gets a bit bent out of shape when seemingly easy shit doesn’t get done with competence.

If you have to ask whether or not you’re working hard enough…well…you’re not working hard enough.

Then again…who’s blogging while at work?

We’re all hypocrites on some level.


One Response to “Grumble Grumble”
  1. ruleofstupid says:

    I’m with you… really with you. Groups to go: Celebrities because of daddy’s money; ‘Music artists’ who can’t play, read music or sing; visual artists who just put crap where it shouldn’t be and call it art (yes Mr Hirst, Ms Emin et al.), rich people who use the phrase ‘money doesn’t buy you happiness’, all members of BNP / KKK / other hate group, anyone wearing fur who didn’t kill it, any politician who has never had a normal job… should I stop now – there are so many… so, so many…

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