Beaten into the submission position

My head is silly putty.

I’m under the table and completely unable…

Beaten like a drum...

So I’m of no mind any more…really I’ve got no mind any more.  Like the guy in the middle of the screen in the video below.

See that guy?  He’s just turning around and around in circles.  At least he’s got a walking stick.

And why?  Why have I been reduced to a lobotomized fool?  See below:

I've lost 1/3 of my IQ

I took it as a kind of duty to find out what this group of well scrubbed white people (Sorry Condoleezza Rice…that means you too) are trying to do to win back the White House.  So I watched the broadcast.  And this time you can’t blame the dopiness on the media.  This clusterfuck was completely Republican born.

I was utterly dismayed.

He’s talking to an empty chair!  Ok…I’ve taken numerous acting and improv acting years…but still.  This is the metaphor the Elephant side wants to leave with people?  They are talking to an empty chair.  Yes…it’s a stand in for the President.  I get it.


That or NOBODY is listening to them.

To paraphrase Henry Rollins – everybody in the world is fucking retarded…except for me.

My expectations of politicians are low:



Yeah…that’s pretty bad.  No…that’s incredibly bad, stupid, ill-informed and…brain hurt…must surf FaceBook now and play Farmville.  DROOOOOOLLLLL….

On the whole I tend NOT to agree with that side as much as I do with the other side.

But I GUARAN-FUCKING-TEE that the other side will reduce the remaining half of my functioning brain to goo once they pull their shtick.

You see…this has been going on for years.  Check it out:

Politicians have been doing this for MILLENNIA!  Prick liars.  Are we to be shocked?

No…no sense of shock here.

So, please…melt my brain RNC/DNC.  I’m ready.  I’ve been beaten into stupidity.  I have no willpower any more.

However, before I die, I hope to see a politician try to do this:

That person will get my vote until I can’t pull the lever any more.

No…that’s not a sex joke.



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