Truth, justice and optometery!!!

Humanity is getting worser…

I’m all up in this beyatch!

So here’s a bit…I was researching online for a sweet new pair of x-ray specs:

Yeah, sweet nerd manna from on high.

I was investigating this place and that place to purchase my wicked nerd-goo goo goggles on-line.  I found a few that were respectable and well priced.  I settled on one website which would get me these sweet specs and still run under $200 for the whole she-bang.  I think that’s pretty awesome.

When you go through the wizards to setup your purchase and prescription you have a bunch of junk to fill out, especially your prescription details.  I noticed that there was one thing which was not on my prescription called PD or pupillary distance.  That’s the distance between the dead center of each pupil.  No biggie, right?  I called up my optometrist to get that info.

Behold, how stupid I am, apparently they don’t give out that data…to the OWNER of that data.  Yeah, I did the whole bitchy thing: “you’re about to lose a paying patient” and I searched on-line and found out that what they were doing was illegal and against HIPPA regulations.  I also posted on Google about how evil they were AND I found this sweet, less than a minute, tutorial on how to figure out your pupillary distance.

Check it out for yourself:

Totally not hard stuff, right?

I submitted my on-line order and then half smugly reveled in how clever I was and what dirtbags they were.  Yeah…you heard me…DIRTBAGS!

But I got to wondering:

1) is a business wrong to hold someone/something hostage when they’re going to lose business over it?

2) what rule (written or unwritten) were they violating in terms of customer service?

3) if I had customers leave me and my business what would I do in order to stem that tide?

Accusation without solution is pretty sleazy.  But what could I do to solve these issues?  Is the customer always right?

I’ve come to realize that this is a sliding scale and it all has to do with gravity and/or critical mass.

If there is a small business it doesn’t carry the mass to have a great pull on things.  It’s a low gravity situation.  For those of you geeky enough to understand this here’s the equation:

The force generated has to do with mass (m1 & m2) and the radius (distance) between those two bodies.  So…small business = low gravity = customers floating away.

BIG COMPANY = BIG MASS = customers sticking around.

You don’t see a lot of customers leaving Coke or Ford or whatever because those companies are so huge that their relative gravity sucks and keeps customers near them.

However, I’m here to tell you, there’s another force.  There’s the repulsive force…the force which arises when large companies feel they can do whatever they want to do without repercussion.  Shell Oil, Mobile Oil, Exxon, Haliburton…massive companies which are treated with kid gloves only because of their size and wealth keep people (rules and regulations) at bay due to their size.  And those small companies mentioned above don’t have the necessary size for repulsion so people can dump all over them and do all sorts of snarky and nasty things.

Therefore, I’m kind of at a tipping point.  Do I want to cut a break to small business?  Do I want to get screwed over because of that need to cut them a small break?  Well, heck NO!  But I loathe giving my cash to evil large businesses who do evil things across the planet.

It’s a no win situation.

All one can do in our modern society is to continue to struggle to find those who are good and willing and someone who you’re willing to cut a break because they’re good and decent.  Or someone who won’t shoot us when we’re wearing a hoodie and carrying Skittles.

Just sayin’



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