The bees and me…

Looking for a good bite to eat…and someone to bite along the way.

I’m round about and all the way in…

I’ve got this thing about food lately.   It’s not about being some sort of food snob…I think.  It’s more so about being wise when consuming.  There is SOOO much to eat out there.  Especially in the US.  I’ll let you figure out what the options are (big fist bump for In-N-Out) but we ALL know that the majority of the options STINK!

They especially stink if you’re young.  You can’t drive through any town now without seeing some obese child waddling down the sidewalk…probably with a Mountain Dew in their hands.  Maybe the parents who care the most would give their kids a Diet Mountain Dew?

Anyway, I’ve been a real snob lately because I have given up fast food.  In fact I’m about one year in and I’m perfectly happy about this.  I gave up carbonated drinks about two years ago.  That was hard but it was for the best.  Since we’re in the Midwest I’d never eat ANY fish that come out of ANY river/pond/creek/stream around here.  These bodies of water usually run next to farms at some point and farmers have some nasty fertilizer run-off.  Similarly, I don’t eat beef unless I know that it’s been grass fed.  Quick story:

So I was “doing time” in the West.  It was in Colorado and I was driving by a number of these massive cattle farms.  I’m sure that someone out there would correct me and say that these are cattle RANCHES, but that’s totally not the truth.  These cattle were allowed to move only but a little bit while they were crowded into these horrid, manure filled pens.  They were waiting their next meal – corn.  The cattle were also supposed to just stay there, eat, get big and then get shipped off for slaughter and processing.  If the cattle were growing per their normal rate it might take 18 months to grow to a normal weight.  But the farmers (not ranchers) need to get the cattle to market faster!  So they jack-up the cattle with hormones to make them grow faster.  Finally, these cattle are fed a diet of corn and antibiotics.   The last time I checked cattle didn’t have those as part of a normal diet.  After seeing what was put into these animals so that I could have a mediocre burger at McD I finally gave up on eating beef.  You might consider it too.

So that means that there is little for me to eat…right?  Well, no.  Pasta, salads, fruit, veggies, beans and the occasional piece of straight protein.  I haven’t lost a bunch of weight but I’m sure that this is much better for me health-wise.

I guess that I’m a self-restricted veg.  But that’s cool.  I think.

Now I’ve got BEES!  Yeah, I ordered a hive and it’s totally cool.  I love my wee-little bees.  They’re stinkin’ HYPNOTIC.  They’re Italian and so gentle.  The Queen is a Carniolan and she’s a kick-ass leader.  We installed them the past weekend and they comb they’ve already made is nuts!  So huge.

But let’s take a look at this as a whole…I’ve a self-imposed veg, I love my little bees and I’m a food snob.  He MUST be a pinko!  Lib commie SCUM!  Be that as it may, why would I put anything into my mouth or body that seems disgusting?

Ladies and gents…I give you PINK SLIME!!!

You might THINK that you know where this post was going…but you’d be WRONG!

I was listening to the Governor of Missouri gettin’ all huffy about how the douche bags out there are slandering a perfectly good industry (the beef industry) and PEOPLE WILL LOSE THEIR JOBS because we’re getting all CRAZY in the head about PINK SLIME!

BUT – and here’s the thrust of this post – isn’t this how the market is supposed to work?  Doesn’t a company have to stand up to the slings and arrows, the vagaries, of the market.  If they CANNOT stand up to the pressure then they’re supposed to fold.  Right?  And I’ll bet you the governors from those states who are taking heat for “pink slime” would be the first ones to stand firm about the critical nature of the open market.

Ok…so pols are hypocrites.  Duh.  And I’m/we’re just helpless dry leaves blowing in the wind (the wind of their farts).  No shock there.  It’s been this way for thousands of years: as long as their are politicians there will be lying and duplicity, hypocrisy and shameless glad-handing of wealthy donors.  But this is what I’m going to do:

  • I’m going to watch my bees and be a good caretaker of the land.
  • I’m going to feed my body healthy food and eat nothing processed (yeah…kind of dropping out of sync with society here…don’t care)
  • I’m going to vote for politicians who have a strict adherence to MY agenda and not the reverse.
  • Every time I see problems I’m going to complain loudly.

And that’s all I can do.

So excuse me while I grab a hot coffee beverage (espresso coffee with some dark cocoa, cinnamon and a dash of vanilla), take out the dog and go watch my bees for a while.



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