The better Demons of our Angels

Somehow the worst part of our nature is celebrated the most.

I’m inside, outside, upside and down.

I love media:

Oh sure…it’s everywhere.  I’m not talking about marketing, although they’re related.  This is about media which we intentionally consume.  Marketing is less intentionally absorbed – more of a tangential contact.

But it is within the media in which we see ourselves reflected.  And it’s usually some sort of fun-house mirror type of reflection too.

But we see ourselves (the better part?).  We see ourselves with perfect skin (but not blacks – unless you’re watching BET.  Sorry, but Media DON’T LIKE NO BLACKS ROUND HERE!), with amazing bodies, with shiny hair and glorious nails.  When we’re feeling lonely media reflects us in a Snuggie and when we’re feeling decadent media reflects us eating sweets.


But the media can also condemn.  When media feels the need it can show us killing innocent black kids in hoodies, media can show us what we’d look like if we weighed over 600, no 700, no 800 pounds!  Media can show us without our pants being pulled up to the waist or miraculously becoming hoarders and regretting the way in which our lives have turned.  Blechy!

I particularly find this piece of media revolting:

So there’s this cute (white), young chick who’s doing laundry in a laundromat.   She unwraps a piece of candy and then her location is changed from that of an icky laundromat to that of a PARADISE with palm trees and a sunny sun.

Mmmkay…you know what I get from this?  That the hoi polloi (that’s us, the icky scumbags who have to work for a living) can experience just a small slice of the “good life” that we’re normally NOT allowed to be a part of, by just having this little piece of chocolate goodness.  A normal person must live their tiny lives doing laundry under industrial lights in public spaces.  And the young lady is not allowed to have a real break; she can only afford tiny slivers time in which to not think about doing the manual labor she has to do in order to survive.  Remember, rich people don’t do laborious things.

Well, that may be a bit over-the-top, but I think it’s kinda’ neato’ to find buried themes in media and see what’s going on.

This is what society shows us.  But it’s fake.  It’s fabricated.  I know it’s crazy, but when I open up a Mounds candy bar, no palm tree appears over my head.  I actually see a very small treat that’s probably not worth the $.85 cents I paid for it.

So what do we do?  Do we have to accept things as they are presented to us?  Well, no. We don’t. The better question is…how do we shut off this never ceasing spigot of ignorance and falsehoods?  When people say something that is SO BLATANTLY A LIE, how do we get away from junk like this?

What do we do?  We tune out.  We drop out.

We do this when media lies (or is stupid – hello CNN & the teleporting reporter!  Hello Fox & poorly educated talking heads).  But when we tune out the media responds by getting louder and more in your face so that they cannot be ignored.

AARGH!  So infuriating.

We can’t tune out, we’re not allowed to tune out.  Our phones use GPS to track us and even at the gas station there are percolating media screens at the pumps.  However, even if we un-tether from the media teat every weekend we STILL are leaving the children alone without guidance.  By children I mean politicians and corporations.  Without the public holding their hands they’ll liable to get in fights at the playground, throw sand or dump oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Our only choice is to put harnesses on our spasmodic progeny.  We’re responsible.  We’re the ones which gave them too much tether.  And now, much like a dog who needs to be trained we must be the slightly-sadistic adult in the room to curb the behavior of these children-gone-mad.  When they tell a lie they get spanked, when they feign ignorance we teach with a stick (not a carrot).  They only understand pain.  They only understand not having access to toys.  They only understand when they don’t have their FAVORITE blanket…money.

And HERE’S how we do this.  Every time (and I do mean every, single, bloody time) when you see something stupid, be the parent.  Go to Facebook and head to an advertiser of that show.  Post on that advertiser’s wall that you felt that CNN/MSNBC/FOX/CNBC/Disney, etc lied.  Then say that because of this you will punish the advertiser by NOT purchasing their products and that this will appear on your Facebook page in front of all your Facebook “Friends”.

Believe me, that’ll get their attention.

If you want the attention of a child, pinch an earlobe (worked great for my 2nd grade teacher).  If you want the attention of a news organization, show them that lies earn them no $$$.  They’ll probably wet their Huggies.



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