When did ill-informed become the new norm?

Willful ignorance...

I’m from under a rock and over the rainbow.

I might be criticized for being one-sided…but nobody said that life was fair.  So when I discuss ignorance, and a horrid type of willful ignorance, I’m talking about the “ignoring the blue of the sky” type of ignorance.  It appears that this comes from one side of the argument.  Not that the other side is particularly brilliant.  But the other side does at least appear to be willing to discuss stuff.

But that’s not the point I want to discuss today.  What I’m really on about is the complete ignorance which results from a lack of education.  Specifically, when did education become so vilified?

When I was a kid (cliche) it was a good and positive thing to be the smartest kid in class.  Yeah, you caught some hell from the jock types but everybody still understood that the brainiest kids in the class were going somewhere in life.  Sure, there was the rich kid who would take over daddy’s business and be wealthy despite sheer inability but those were outliers.

However, we have a group of participants in the culture who insist that, despite facts, their arguments are sound.  Remember facts?  The Earth is round, we are born because of the union of sperm and egg?  Remember facts?

This is where I might list various topics of “debate”: global warming, contraception, women’s rights, socialism, etc…but that just muddies up things.  Why get into specifics while generalities remain the cultural norm?

I’m here to make a coherent and cogent argument that Darwin’s will is being thwarted by ignorance. You know, the kid who licks the light socket gets no kids of his/her own.  But our local hardware store has ill-served the population.  They offer outlet covers.  These low-functioning warm-bodies who should have been rendered sterile by a good shock to the system are allowed to reproduce.  See the above pic for reference.

How bad is this?  I tell you, it’s not good.

I hate to pick on the picked upon, but let’s pick on the “conservative standard bearer” for the US conservative movement, Sarah Palin.  I’ve talked to a good number of people who call themselves Republicans (and that’s not a pejorative) and to a single digit, they are embarrassed that this person is actually given speaking time.  They find her a horrible example of what’s gone wrong with their once-proud Republican party.  I find their argument to be convincing.  That woman is an embarrassment to the establishment because of her lack of facts and her towering, colossal volume of opinions.

And here’s the killer part…her admiration of ignorance, her studied position on not changing positions, no matter the convincing raw data in front of her, has attracted a number of followers who believe similarly.

Imagine that the information that you picked up in 7th grade civics class is now your platform for all your views?  No growth, no nuance, no willingness to think critically and move to a more balanced and learned position.  Wow.  WOW!

Sarah Palin is by no means the only practitioner of this method.  See: Staff of Fox News.  Say what you will about the crazy pinkos at NPR, at least they’re willing to examine all sides of an issue.  One-sidedness (besides being an impossibility) cannot hold up.  To that point, when did science become a plague to our conscious brain?  Christ…even George Will says that ignoring science (facts) is an insult to the word “ignoramus”.  He also says that ignoring science (let alone fact) is a perilous journey.

So, after all is said and done, the push-back against information, fact and study leaves one more of a Torquemada type – the person who’s answer to all things is “Christianity” or belief.

Funny enough (the dictionary gets ignored all too often these days), check this out :


Catholic used to mean something!  Please note the top two of three definitions.  Broad-minded!  wide-ranging!  Those are good things.  Can you imagine being the type of person who goes to China, India, Thailand, Brazil, or wherever and looks for a McDonalds for grub?  Is that the person yo want to be?  Is that the person you want to befriend?

Be Catholic in your views and dare to challenge your preconceived notions.  It doesn’t mean that you’re going to convert into a tie-dye wearing, non-showering hippie.  It means that you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

Cliche: the only thing which is constant is change.

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with having convictions.  But if those convictions are not continually challenged then why have the convictions in the first place?  Convictions weaken over time unless challenged.

I dunno’…perhaps we could just place a small amount of chemical sterilizer in some PBR and just let this portion of humanity pass on.  I quote George Carlin – “Think of it as passive eugenics”.

See ya!



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