The Professional Scold Debut!

Ok…here’s the deal.  I have figured that since everybody else has been complaining and I have not, it’s in my best interests to start doing so lest I get left behind.

I live here, there…everywhere.

I love radio.  At least I used to.  I love to listen to it in the early 70’s when it was wild and fun.  When there could be anything appearing on it.  Crazy DJ’s, silent DJ’s (they just played songs), stupid DJs (they appear to have remained) and all sorts of goodies.

You see, the thing was that back in the 70’s there was a time when FM radio was considered to be a no profit set of frequencies.  So the geek-nerd-hippies had a shot at doing whatever they pleased.  The nerd-engineer type just cracked open the microphone and spun whatever type of record they pleased.

Now, dig on this for a second.  Imagine you, yeah, you having no restrictions on what you could or could not do.  You could be naked, covered in honey and ants or whatever, but you could do or say what you pleased.  And then you could play whatever music you pleased.  And we all know that, behind food, music is possibly one of the most important things in life (unless you’re deaf, then it’s, what, art?).

But imaging that you had that freedom to create and express as you wish in an open forum.  Pretty far out, no?  And that’s what these engineers and radio-nerds did.

Where I grew up (Eastern, Central no-where) was actually a fertile ground of radio creativity.  I heard real jazz, Frank Zappa, crazy English music, Latin tunes…EVERYTHING!  And it was amazing.

Mmmkay…does that make me different?  Does being able to listen to lots of different things make me odd?  That’s a good question.  I don’t think it makes me that different.  But in our over-programmed lives how would you know if you had this ability?  How?  You wouldn’t know, that’s how.  Perhaps individualism is a trait which must be exercised in order to be used or appreciated?  Far out.

Creativity and individualism has become a marketed commodity.  You know, “You can be so creative with your nail color!”  Really?  That’s where we’re headed these days?  The most creative we’re allowed to be is with nail color? Or how about the iPhone which everybody covets?  I have a friend in IT who calls all Apple products “Velcro Shoes”.  As in, you have as much creativity with an Apple product as wearing Velcro shoes.  Apple doesn’t let you do ANYTHING with their product.  Sure, you can change the color of the wall-paper (sound like fingernails anybody?) and that’s about it.  There’s not much creativity in it.  HI!  Enjoying your lemming-hood?

So, back to radio…I miss radio.  It was so much fun.  In fact, I was in radio for a number of years.  I liked it because the buttons lit up.  True story. But if you go from one city to the next, have you ever noticed that you never more feel like you’ve made any move to a different location?  The radio stations sound all the same.  A few country, a few pop, a few classic rock-n-roll stations.  And the SONGS!  All the songs are the SAME!

“Maybe I should put a bucket over my head
And a marshmallow in each ear
And stumble around for
Another dumb-numb waiting for another hit song to appear”

by AdiF

Yeah…feeling that totally. The sameness is just killing me.  We’re homogenized.  We’re bland.  We are the “Red Solo Cup” of American happiness.

Sorry if I made you puke.

I dare you to ignore your culture for a while.  Ignore all the stupid crap which people pass off for culture and significance.  Find out for yourself what you deem critical.  If it’s digging a ditch or sewing on a button, cool.  If it’s keeping bees or keeping kids from picking their noses, awesome!  But, please, make a concerted effort to avoid our popular culture at least for a while.  Avoid the BS and the time wasters.  Pay no attention a culture that does no more than to distract and pacify your brain.  When you participate in the American culture as it is you are losing the best part of yourself, your individuality.  There’s really very little difference between our so-called individuality and strip malls these days.  One has a 7-11, one has a White Hen, one has a Circle K.  But it’s all the same set of Twinkies on the shelves.  Blech.

Jump off our freeways and highway and walk for a bit down our back streets and discover that our difference are what make us better and stronger.  And it make our radio stations so much better.

Please recall that I’m a scold.  There’s a whole bunch of crap that pisses me off.



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